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We help inspire your child to enjoy Learning.

The world of numbers is a mobile school of mathematics and physical sciences to support learners, even in remote communities.

Welcome to
The World of Numbers

The world of numbers was founded by Nicholas Gabatshwane Sejwe in 2004, this was five years after he left main stream teaching in the department of education and training as it was then called when he started with them in 1985. All these years he has been teaching mathematics and physical science across provinces like Free State, Gauteng and the North West.

We specialize in mathematics and physical science, our teachers work flexible times as we have incorperated our mode of teaching with technology, using Online-learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

Educators know that learning process should be all about creativity and interaction. While teachers do not necessarily need to recruit all students into science and maths, their goal is to get them interested in the subjects, that’s where Online-leraning, AR and VR could come into play.

One on One Tuition

Our tutors understand that everyone has special individual needs, so we offer one on one attention to every child in need, this is one of the things that sets us aparts from our competitors.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality seems to be the natural next step for the evolution of education. we have an opportunity to enable better learning with global field trips.

Learn how to Code

With education in coding initiative few would argue against the notion that, when taught well, education in coding can help develop important logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Field Work

From live tutoring of Maths and Science to fun physical education activities with opportunities to practice active listing, negotiation, social competence and academic archievement.


Education has not changed for years or decades when it comes to teaching methods, approaches and access. These days, people feel pretty much comfortable with the online education and online learning, also doing research on the web, to make use of instructional videos and learning that is provided by video technology.
The online-tutoring technology is evidently the next trend that will definitely revolutionize the industry.
Technology and education are interconnected and this "union" could transform and enhace commercial education in our continent.

it’s important to understand why we need to improve the quality of education in the first place. Historically, most technologies designed to aid learning have been aimed at enabling access to information — facts and observations about the world. Before computers, we had a powerful tool that helped us retain facts: books. [i.e Libraries]

In the era of digital technologies, books are being turned into ebooks. Modern search engines make fact retention really easy — with just a few clicks you can find answers to many questions. [i.e Google]

While knowledge has become more easily available for more people, the current approach to education has two significant problems:

It’s based on the same old format — fact retention. Teaching methods are focused on providing facts; however, having access to and consuming a lot of information isn’t learning. Being educated isn’t the same as being informed.
A lot of people have difficulties comprehending information.
Too much information received in a short period of time can easily overwhelm students. As a result, they become bored, disengaged, and usually not sure why they are learning about a topic in the first place.

It’s essential to teach in a way that ensures that students learn.

It’s a well-known fact that people learn best by doing; however, if you inspect modern education, you’ll see how little learning actually happens by doing.
Students are focused on reading instructions rather than using them in practice.

VR, Coding and Online learning provides an experience anchor to the instruction. With such experience, learners are inspired to discover for themselves. Students have an opportunity to learn by doing things rather by reading a book.

It is crucial to work hard on the fundamentals

Research shows that we have over 450 000+ school drop outs in the last 26 years of our democracy country wide.

A Modular Approach

A right formula is needed and needs to be correctly applied and the formula is hidden in the missing links in the learning content
(a detective at work here...)

That is where the God given talent comes in handy,
We enhance the miracle of numbers and science through innovative EDUCATION, second best to none.
If you do it right, the first time, and you manage to put a smile on the face of a learner, what a priceless fulfillment!.

We do not expect them to know, we make them to know!.



Physical Science


innovative EDUCATION



With the passion and the belief that mathematics is about the singer (teacher) and not the song...we have a chance to re-imagine education.

Mathematics is a language that uses symbols and notations for describing numerical, geometrical, and graphical relationships. It is a human activity that involves observing, representing and investigating patterns and qualitative relationships in physical and social phenomena and between mathematical objects themselves.

The Virtual Class designed for live tutoring

An online learning and teaching environment that allows educators and learners to communicate, interact, collaborate and explain concepts.

  • Not at home? Traveling? On vacation? No problem. The flexibility that online tutoring offers is unparalleled.
  • Interactive Online Whiteboard.  With virtual sessions, student never have to carry and move educational materials, such as books, homework, and pencils.
  • Real Time Chats.
  •  Adaptive & Individualized. Standards-based Learning. Immediate Feedback.
  • Tools and Control for order and discipline, just to mention a few..


If you are a first time student, please fill in the form and submit so you can stay informed and updated on the latest news, scheduled classes and more.

When you are done filling up the form see the requirments and enter the classroom by clicking the blue button below.

Requirements to access the Classroom

  • Computer, Laptop, Tablets or Smart Mobile Phones.
  • Realiable Internet Connection.
    You will need regular access to a computer or smart phone with an internet connection.
Distance Learning

Virtual Classroom that lets Us give live tutoring classes to the pupils from anywhere in the world.

Real-time, Multi-user, Fast and easy.

How to Access Classroom

Having problems accessing classroom on your device?,
no problem.


Supported browser Google Chrome

It is advisable to join class with google chrome browser as it has its advantages and simplifies the attending class with video and audio features abled. other browsers like Opera mini or Internet Explorer and others are not so supportive. 

  1. Join Class - click on the join class button and you will be redirected to the classroom page. " click here to access class!
  2. Virtual Classroom - You will notice the text fields, 1. enter your name, 2. enter the classroom ID / Meeting number provided to you by the tutor / Administrator. Then you just click Join Class and Voila!, you will be admitted into class. click here to access class!
  3. During Class - you able to use the awesome feature to raise your hand, you can rate the class session, livechat, we are an ideal product for one on one tutoring, we have many other cool things you would expect from the traditional classroom included in our technology. click here to access class!.

Computer Class 2.0: ‘Coding’

Some places are considering doing things like letting coding courses be used to meet foreign language or basic mathematics requirements


Learn Coding

Introducing coding in schools can be a force for greater equity and equality of opportunity, being able to code enables new avenues for creativity and creative expression.

“Coding”, it is said by some, as the “new literacy”. The ability to write and understand computer code, some contend, is increasingly fundamental to understanding how to navigate one’s way through, to say nothing of succeeding in, a modern society where more and more of our lives are enabled and/or constrained by the actions of devices and information systems that run on computer code

Augmented (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)
revolutionize education

Imagine VR classroom as the next level to commercial education, where students can learn from the best teachers and lecturers regardless of location.

VR Virtual Reality
Immersive VR education for learning in the virtual world.
  1. mapped to academic curriculum
  2. distance learning and field trips around the world
  3. classroom management with teacher-controlled app

We cater for grade 8-12 and
N1-N6 needs

“The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think” ~ James Beattie

Grade 10-12 instructional time

Home language4,5
First additional language4,5
Life orientation2
A minimum of any three subjects… annexure B table B1-B8(3X4)12


Email us for the fees on our services and tuitions

Main topics in the FET Mathematics curriculum

1. Functions6. Euclidian Geometry and Measurement
2. Number Patterns, Sequences and Series7. Probability
3. Finance, growth and decay8 .Analytical Geometry
4. Algebra9. Trigonometry
5. Differential Calculus10. Statistics


 The infolive roadshow will be used as means of undertaking live teaching with intergarted sports activities

Infolive Roadshows

The Infolive are designed as a combined events, sports, maths and science live lessons; a follow-up to maximize the impact in the local communities and equip youth with information, resources for empowerment
- something they already have but do not necessarily know how to use.

Physical education will be a private youth sports programme serving children, ages 13 and 23, in the District Municipality areas. The focus of the program is to promote youth sport participation, promote healthy development in youth, and increase youth access to health care, mutual respect, and career opportunities.
The advantages of sports participation includes problem-solving skills, self-esteem and academic achievment


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